Symbolic Transmission

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The symbolic transmission is mostly related to our physical reality, to our body which is connected to the material world. As symbols, Dzogchen masters use a crystal rock and a peacock feather. The crystal is used as a symbol of primordial purity and the peacock feather as a symbol of self-perfected potentiality.

For example, a crystal rock is clear, limpid, transparent, and the teacher can explain that our own essence or emptiness is like that crystal. He may also explain that our potentiality manifests when there are certain circumstances, just as the crystal emits rainbow lights all around when it is struck by sunrays or by light.

On the peacock feather the teacher can show us a circle, a thigle. A pictorial representation of the thigle and the circle of the peacock feather look similar, yet there is difference, in that the pictorial representation has been painted by someone - it is not natural. As the feather is not painted by anyone, it symbolises the self-perfected potentiality which is present in our real nature from the beginning and is not developed through the practice.

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